Safety & Security

Safety and Security Programs:

  • Specific plan and program development (corporate/field) to ensure worksite risks are managed.
  • Site specific plans and monitoring of worksite performance indicators to ensure regulatory compliance, achievement of safety objectives and minimization of losses.

Site Security and Alcohol/Drug Testing:

  • Specific security planning, monitoring, investigation and testing.
  • Ex-RCMP and CPS members with extensive experience and certified alcohol/drug testers (including pre-access and post-incident)
  • Use of expert security personnel to develop and implement programs that produce significant loss prevention results.
  • Proven track record in the energy industry for reducing and preventing losses.

Whistleblower Investigations:

  • Independent investigation and report development to meet regulatory requirements for publicly traded companies as well as corporate requirements for disclosures that contravene corporate policy.Proven capabilities for investigation and reporting to meet standards of any organization’s audit committee.
  • Confidentiality and anonymity of process maintained.

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